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  • "By writing much, one learns to write well."
    Robert Southey (via levysenpai)

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  • "The car shakes in the wind.
    I’m sitting in the passenger seat,
    I have not showered in two days.
    This trip was worth it though.
    I sit quietly, listening to music
    and my friends gentle voices singing along.
    We are headed home,
    but this feels like a home that I won’t find elsewhere."
    09.01.14 road trips (via sincerely-conscience)
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    We pass our days with
    Empty stomachs and wild hearts
    Hungry for something more,

    More than the paper and waste;
    Lust for life in technicolour
    Biting at the bit between our

    Fanged teeth, lips dripping with
    The elixir we sucked from the
    Dying corpse of the past

    Running with abandoned violence
    Between trees and car parks,
    The grey monotony in which we were bred

    And if we scream, don’t listen
    And if we cry, ignore us
    For the sounds we wrench from our throats

    Are a feeble replacement, a weak ghost
    Of the voice that was stolen from us
    So many moons ago.

    (via paralian)
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  • undergroundauthor:

    i am afraid
    so i write down words
    in half-attempts
    to make sense of things
    but i am a jumbled mess
    i am scrapped thoughts
    resting on the floorboards
    and i am a fire hazard

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    I tell them about how I love the winter.

    How I love the cold breeze that sends shivers up my spine, or the comforting happiness around the time of the holidays.

    How I love snuggling up in a warm blanket when life is too much to handle, or chugging down hot chocolate after sitting outside for hours.

    How I love indulging in the beautiful Christmas decorations, or simply sleeping in for two weeks.

    But as much as it pains me to say, it’s all a lie.

    It’s such a fucking lie.

    The heart breaking truth is that during the winter I can tear myself apart with my cold, bloody blades. And no one will think twice as to why I have long sleeves on.

    Oh, how I love the winter. (via honeyimnotworthit)
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    fuck idk

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    I feel bumps along my hands,
    home to the gravestones and
    ghosts of the people I once
    held close but lost, nevertheless,
    to a cruel world and unjust hearts.

    I know they still haunt me even
    though they should be long gone
    in their worlds and I am just an
    enabler to all of these chills
    but I can’t help wanting to
    keep them around for they
    were people I once loved.

    I can tell they are slowly killing
    me but I don’t seem to care
    because I keep on believing
    that if I just die now,
    I’ll be able to meet them again—
    but I’m not entirely sure I can
    take seeing others hold their hands
    as tightly as I once held them.

    Skeletons that never left my closet (via ink-trails)
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  • "You’ve torn me into pieces
    But all those pieces are better off
    Than I ever was when I was whole"
    me~whole (via predicting-the-past)
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